I have now been in Brazil for almost 3 months , so far I love it ! Its  completely different from Norway and Europe , but thats whats making it so F*@x9* exciting , and makes it an adventure!

How’s it going with the language?

– Well now its almost been three moths with just listening to this foreign language , so I will say that its going quite well! Im actually improving alot , just got to remember to speak all the time eventhough it is very exhausting . I can  actually have a conversation with people about more serious things than just , whats in the kitchen , thats a cat , how much and stuff like that.

I discoverd that the more I undersand the more a new world opens up for me and thats so interesting. It keeps me wanting to learn more and more , a good motivation.

Out on town with the brazillian girls

What have ive been up to lately?

Only in theese few months  it has happend so musch that I could probably write a book of it but im not going to do that.  So I am narrowing it very down.

Latley or all the time its about the language. In the week its all about school and not undersatanding much but just learning new word etc. In the weekends its all about  socializing and partying! There is so much to do all the time , but at the same time I find my self  doing nothing now and then.

clubbin with Afs

25 year of marrige , my host parents are the cutes couple!

Halloween partyy

Ive figured out that since im in brazil i really want to do something thats very brazillian, so next week I will be starting samba classes and maybe capoeira as well. I dont know where but I will find it. Both samba and capoeira is a  genuine brazillian thing ,  and its something I can bring back home to the north.

What are you eating? 

The Brazillian cousine is big and have many different  opptions . The regaular I eat for lunch is – Rice, beans , meat and something else thats different everyday. It is also plenty of different cakes and sweets , I will give a special report on this soon. The cake you see under is a petit gatau , and its the best brownie ish liquid chocolate bomb I ever tasted!

homade lunch , brazillian style


What kind of music?

Brazillian music is fantastic , they really know how to make good music.Here is some artists i’ve stumbled over!

Popular music in brazil



This is a factor that comes and goes , the fact that ive been away from everybody I know and everthing I know, has been hard sometimes. Its not that i miss my country so much, its just beeing with your own family and in your own home. This can make me feel very weak at times and tierd , but the homesickness only strikes on boring days when I have nothing to do. Otherwise I think Im doing pretty good , Ive already seen people who went home after the third motnh of their exchange. In my opinion this is sad beacuse Excange is challange and when you signed up for it  , you excepted a challenge.  An example if I had a problem with my family , school , socity  etc I would rather try to solve it , talk with the organization about having a problem and try to understand. Its very temting but escaping is not a good soulution



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